What is Relationship Coaching?

The role of a relationship coach is to help people improve their interpersonal skills with friends, families, colleague, partners and more. Relationship coaches help you learn conflict resolution skills and provide you with methods to get more out of all forms of relationships in your life.

Experiential tools are rare among therapists. If the relationship coach is from Quality Mind or experiential, he or she may be able to assist you overcome difficult dynamics in their life relationships.

Who is Relationship Coaching for?

To be happy, we must have strong relationships with others. If you and your relationships in life are suffering, whether it be a disconnect between you and a colleague, or the inability to truly bond and understand a friend or family member, this course is for you.

How can we expect to be good at relationships when very few in the population were taught how to do it in their formative years? A relationship coach can help here. It's impossible to succeed at anything if you don't know how to do it well.

Relationship coaches are aware of the fact that every individual is one of a kind and, as a result, have specific needs. So, if you're looking to build a strong relationship with people in your life, engaging with a relationship coach at Quality Mind could be the answer you’re looking for.

Relationship Coaching is for you if:

Counsellors that specialise in relationships teach clients:

  • How to improve their ability to communicate with people.
  • How to truly listen and provide supportive, considered, constructive and appropriate feedback.

Our Coaching Details

Imagine that you have an acute need for assistance in order to improve your relationships. You may get started right away with the relationship counselling provided by Quality Mind. Otherwise, you are welcome to inquire about any of our coaching programs by booking in a discovery call, or contacting us through the website. As soon as you enrol in one of Quality Mind's coaching programs, we begin working together to help you become a more improved version of yourself, and to facilitate shifts in your behaviour throughout the duration of the course. Live Zoom sessions, which will take place on a weekly basis, will be the primary means through which you will work with your relationship coach. You have the choice of participating in either one-on-one or group sessions. If you want your mentor to provide a more personalised service, or work collaboratively with a group in the same situation, the decision is yours.


An initial orientation is required for every new client that signs up. You develop a relationship with your coaches, and they do the same with you. In the second step, we will identify areas of your request that you require help with, including what the cause of concern is and how it is affecting you. The final phase of coaching focuses on achieving yours and Quality Mind’s desired result for you. Your relationship ability is improved as a direct result of your coach’s close collaboration with you to find solutions to your challenges and obstacles.


Our coaching packages are designed to be as adaptable and feasible as possible to best suit you. If you have concerns in your relationships, we provide programs that range from one session to 6-months. If you believe that you require additional time, you can sign up for our one year program.


The pricing of the relationship coaching courses offered by Quality Mind varies based on the length of the course. It will cost you less to participate in our program for ten weeks or three months than it will for six months or a whole year. Please arrange a discovery call with us now if you have any questions regarding the fees associated with our coaching services.



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Benefits of Quality Mind's Relationship Coaching


In some circumstances, you may be having trouble with people in your life but they don't express their displeasure. Instead, they keep a distance or treat you with hostility. As a result, you don’t get the opportunity to work on your own development and your counterpart.

When you engage with a relationship coach, you can expect to receive clear and concise theories, processes and feedback from your Quality Mind Mentor. Extracting various information from your life instances, they help you understand how you're being viewed by others and how you may improve it. However, in the end, it’s you that needs to apply themselves to get the most out of this course. As a result, the program can be flexible so it works best for you and your circumstances.

Your coach will help you and your relationships by providing effective, useful tools to apply in your life setting.

The Quality Mind Difference

Custom Client Mobile Phone App:

5-star reviewed Mobile app to help activate the end users brain change reprogramming with daily repetition. A free version is available for the public and the Premium version is for the Coach's clients

Custom Coach Backend App Dashboard:

A secure backend app dashboard was created to help the coaches monitor the client's daily routines and patterns and to also coach them real-time if need be

A Step-by-Step Personal Activation System incorporating:

Neuroscience Positive Psychology, HeartMath Institute, Practices of Ancient Philosophies and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Coaches Guarantee Results

It's one thing to say that our coaches guarantee results. It's another thing to be validated by 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Using our sophisticated technology and world-class programs, our coaches deliver tangible improvements that end up creating a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a relationship coach might not be difficult but be sure they treat you with respect. As a result, many coaches refuse to examine alternatives to the standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of interacting. Make sure to find out if your preferred coach is an experience coach or a talk coach before you have consecutive sessions with them. In order to break free from old, unproductive patterns of communication, you need the help of a relationship coach.

Some relationship coaches only assist with partners or couples. Our Quality Mind relationship coaches work with you in strengthening all relationship types in your life. They will help you be more compassionate, clear, responsible, communicative and empathetic.

Working with a dating coach might help you become more comfortable in social situations. They teach you how to graduate from small conversation to more engaging conversation techniques. A relationship coach, on the other hand, will help you improve your communication skills while also encouraging you to be more authentic in your social relationships.

Becoming a relationship coach does not necessitate a university or college education. Instead, it is essential that you take part in an ICF-accredited relationship coaching program and get an ICF-accredited certification from Quality Mind. A mentor coach and defined coaching hours must be completed before you may begin working as a relationship coach.

As a relationship coach, you should be certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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