What is Mindfulness Coaching?

Mindfulness Coaching, also loosely known as attention training or centring exercise, is a specialisation of life coaching which takes a page from ancient eastern practices. “Mindfulness Coaching” is just that: an exercise in achieving “mindfulness”. However, the western twist that distinguishes a professional coach from handbooks preaching to us to take a deep breath, is the customized, measurable, and result oriented approach that can only be accessed through a trained professional.

The information age comes with its downfalls. We are living in a time where everyone is bombarded with information everywhere they glance. It never occurs to us to stop and smell the roses. The constant noise and distraction from the world around us, along with the unavoidable stress of our daily lives has cost us our sleep, attention span, focus and energy levels, all dropping to an all-time low. This holds true for adults and teens alike.

Become a Certified Quality Mind Mentor, please note we do not offer university coaching degrees, qualifications or certifications.

What are the benefits provided
by Mindfulness Coaching?

  • Recognition of stressors in an individual’s life.
  • A customised plan to achieve mental calmness.
  • Mental clarity of current situation and future goals.
  • Guided self-discovery and meditation sessions.
  • Decreased stress levels.
  • Increase in focus and concentration.
  • Improves sleep, brings work-life balance.
  • A healthy mind results in a healthier body.
  • Learning to let go of things beyond one’s control.
  • Increased awareness of the surrounding environment.
  • Increased emotional intelligence resulting in better social interactions and stronger connections
  • Rediscover the importance of self-care—mental and physical.
  • Increased awareness of one’s body and mind and how they are feeling.

Simply being aware of our thoughts, curiosities and dilemmas can help people put immediate countermeasures in place, but maybe not, if it is beyond one’s control. Having the guidance of a mindfulness coach allows people to follow a personalised plan specifically aimed at dealing with their life situations and the quickest, most effective way of achieving a state of mindfulness. Paving the way for a fulfilling life, career and relationships. All by harnessing the positive vibrations of one’s mind.

 We, at Quality Mind, call our Mindfulness Coaches, Mind Mentors.

Quality Mind Mentors understand the power that the mind holds over our lives and know how to make use of your mental abilities, to your advantage —fostering a harmonious relationship with people, the environment and the circumstances surrounding us.

At Quality Mind, we have established a unique, powerful and proven system that transforms the lives of our clients by eliminating conceptual hindrance and mental blocks to maximize human potential.

Quality Mind’s model is a blend of neuroscience, positive psychology, HeartMath institute, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and ancient philosophies.

Quality Mind’s Personal Activation System™ prepares mindfulness coaches to develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the human brain and belief system, emotional patterns, and how it dictates the personality and behaviours to impact their emotions and their life decisions.

What Our Clients Say

What do we offer our Mind Mentors?

Fulfilling and Purposeful Life Path Share our passion for touching lives and making a difference. There is no better high than seeing people thrive.

Promising Career of a Respected Well-being Professional – Become certified and recognized by the industry leading regulatory body and the largest organization of professional coaches. We are partnered with ICF and will add valuable credentials to your resume and earn you additional trust and rapport.

Flexibility of Time and Place- Make use of our app to stay connected with your clients from all around the globe, from any place, at any time.

Financial Independence While Changing Lives – Turn to coaching for complete financial independence and make a comfortable living while making a difference.

Become A Part Of A Progressive Global Community – Being a Mind Mentor means being a part of a highly qualified committed professional community, that is expanding all over the world. Form new bonds with like-minded mentors, become a part of a supportive global community and grow alongside one another, as a professional and as a human being.

Lead your own team of Mind Mentors.

As a QM Mind Mentor, you will also benefit from our complete business package, inclusive of our proven program, marketing tools, ongoing training and mentoring, along with the option of quality leads, a renowned business coach, and the support and camaraderie of our amazing global community.

Whether you possess prior experiences in the wellbeing coaching/consulting field or simply happen to possess a burning passion to make a difference in this world, then perhaps the path of a Mindfulness Coach could very well be your calling. At Quality Minds, you will feel right at home.

Please note we are recognised globally as ICF Business Partners and our programs are not ICF Certified

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