What is Family Life Coaching?

Remember those times when people told you parenting would be the hardest thing you will ever do? They certainly weren't kidding! While parenting can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be extremely challenging.

Family Life Coaching offers comprehensive and practical family support, parenting advice, and practical solutions to improve relationships and the environment at home. Quality Mind qualified coaches will work with families on a variety of issues that impact their daily functioning such as bereavement, child behaviour issues, parental mental health issues, etc.

Using a strength-based approach, Quality Mind focuses on helping families and individuals establish their individual and family functioning strengths. In addition to promoting parental competence and healthy child development, Family Life Coaching assists parents in resolving problems that contribute to negative outcomes, developmental delays, and dysfunction in families.

In addition to family support and parenting advice, Quality Mind Mind Mentors offer practical assistance with improving household relationships and environments. We will help families with the many issues that impact their daily functioning, such as domestic abuse, negative behaviour in children, and mental health problems.

Who can benefit from Family Life Coaching?

Whenever you notice your family relationships are in an unhappy cycle and you observe the same arguments or disagreements every time and are unable to achieve the change or results that you desire, it's time to seek Family Life Coaching.

If you’re having trouble understanding who you are or feel that you are losing yourself or losing touch with family, Family Coaching from Quality Mind, can help you reconnect with your desires and move towards them.

Our experienced Mind Mentors can help in the event that you feel that your family relationships are deteriorating and challenges are constantly increasing. Especially when you feel like you’ve tried everything, but the distance and disconnection between family members are increasing.

All members of a family unit are welcome to seek our help - parents, children, and siblings. As the foundation of our lives is our families, it is Quality Mind's mission to strengthen them from within.

The truth is you don't need a big reason to take advantage of Family Life Coaching. In cases when you feel that you could benefit from guidance and support, a Family Life Coach is a valuable addition to your life.

Our Coaching Details

In some cases, our coaches also provide feedback from observation in the parents' homes. Others will meet with you separately to discuss your challenges and solutions to deal with them. These services can also be provided over the phone, by email, or via video conference. This is especially beneficial for individuals and families who have busy schedules or lack access to Family Life Coaches in their communities. For more information about how we can help your family and our Family Life Coaching services, contact us today.


Family Life Coaching includes live mentorship sessions every week. You’ll have access to our programs, Quality Mind tools and apps to support your learning through Zoom calls. You will begin by attending an introductory meeting. At this meeting, you will get to know your coaches. This is where we also look for areas of concern: what are the causes and how are they affecting you? At the end of the day, we aim for results


We provide coaching programs via an online platform every week. In addition to ten-week, three-month, six-month, and full-year live coaching, we offer flexible plans to meet the needs of people of all ages. The programs are tailored to the needs of the individual.


Quality Mind offers a variety of Family Life Coaching courses at different price points, depending on the duration of the course. If you choose to participate in our ten-week or three-month program, the cost will be less than if you choose the six-month or one-year program.

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Benefits of Quality Mind's Family Life Coaching

Our goal at Quality Mind is to recognize and encourage the many strengths that families possess, despite difficulties and challenges. Our family-centred packages of support are tailored to help families already struggling with complex and ongoing problems. The focus is on developing solutions rather than resolving issues.

At Quality Mind, the Family Life Coaching process includes family life coaches that have the knowledge of Family Science to offer evidence-based education. In specific situations (as a Family Life Educator), they may temporarily switch from the coaching role to an educational role, with the permission of the client.

This approach is based on acknowledging a family's past traumas and difficult experiences while focusing on helping them identify what they want to achieve rather than what brought them to where they are today. As a result, there is no heavy reliance on the past but rather a strong focus on the present and future. 

Your rights to a better life, access to support, and equal opportunities are important to us. You and your family have the ability to make positive changes and improve your relationships and quality of life. Our work is centred around respecting the humanity and dignity of everyone, no matter what circumstances they may face

 If you wonder how our Family Life Coaching programs might help you here's how:

  • Create healthy family relationships.
  • Enhance open communication.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills
  • Gain a deeper understanding of family dynamics
  • Find more effective ways to handle situations
  • Ensure a more peaceful and harmonious family environment

Stressful lifestyles today result in busy families and overwhelmed parents! The process of Family Life Coaching helps parents resolve many common issues by increasing their child's responsibilities and respect, as well as decreasing bickering, arguing, and whining among their children.

The Quality Mind Difference

Custom Client Mobile Phone App:

5-star reviewed Mobile app to help activate the end users brain change reprogramming with daily repetition. A free version is available for the public and the Premium version is for the Coach's clients

Custom Coach Backend App Dashboard:

A secure backend app dashboard was created to help the coaches monitor the client's daily routines and patterns and to also coach them real-time if need be

A Step-by-Step Personal Activation System incorporating:

Neuroscience Positive Psychology, HeartMath Institute, Practices of Ancient Philosophies and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Coaches Guarantee Results

It's one thing to say that our coaches guarantee results. It's another thing to be validated by 100+ 5-star Google reviews. Using our sophisticated technology and world-class programs, our coaches deliver tangible improvements that end up creating a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. At Quality Mind, we value confidentiality because it enables individuals and families to heal more quickly.

We welcome you to come as an individual, a couple, or a family. Let’s heal your troubles together.

Yes. Our services do not include court-ordered counselling, or examine or prescribe pathology or medications.

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