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We are proud to be aligned with these inspirational Ambassadors; all exceptionally high achievers who have excelled through the Quality Mind Program, and now wish to spread the QM word in order to help others excel & achieve their dreams.


Quality Mind Global is a global leader in the mental wellness industry. We are a subscription-based coaching and licensing company in one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

We provide a powerful and universally accessible online mental wellness solution for the B2B & B2C markets, via our licensed coaches, and we are now represented in 50+ countries.

Our Personal Activation System™ enables our clients to maximise their potential & achieve greater success, happiness, health and results are guaranteed.

Our Programs

Our highly successful, structured activation system is designed to ensure you become the best version of yourself, whether that be in business, in sport or in life.
You will break boundaries, overcome limiting beliefs, thrive under pressure, and fast-track your goals through practical, actionable mental training - becoming a more knowledgeable, mindful, happy, and confident person.

Each program consists of:
Weekly live online mentoring sessions with your Certified Mind Mentor. Premium App Access – customized with advanced tools to support your unique journey AND SO MUCH MORE.

A Quality Mind Program will benefit you in the following ways;

Unlock your ultimate capabilities

Release inner fears & dissolve destructive thought processes

Increase clarity, focus, energy & productivity

Increase resilience & mental strength

Increase confidence & self worth

Alleviate stress, anxiety & overwhelm

Dramatically improve energy levels

Become happier, healthier and WEALTHIER

Develop deeper & more compassionate relationships

Discover and understand your Master Mind & the extraordinary power it holds

Our LIFE program helps families, couples or individuals to better respond to pressure and
improve health, wealth and relationships.

Our BUSINESS programs helps reducing stress and respond better to achieve greater professional
success at every level

Our SPORTS programs help remove fears, eliminate or reduce injuries
and unlock sporting capability

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Average Rating


What Our Clients Say

Ken Gielen, Business Owner

"Besides the context information and teaching about self-mastery, I was trained to use a set of tools to become my best self. I even stopped nail-biting. Being a business coach myself, the tools I got from QM are essential to my day-to-day life, and they're an essential fallback system whenever I need to recharge"
(Mind Mentor™ - Adele Hartland)

Mary-Ann Houser, Business Coach

“The Quality Mind program I am spending less time worrying, I find that all my concerns around money, every stress is now gone. I highly recommend QM!"
(Mind Mentor™ - Bruce Wilson)

Mike McKay, Business Coach

“My journey with Quality Mind and Mind Mentor Bruce Wilson has been astonishing. As a result, our business is up over 75% from last year. Breakthrough program. I am an evidence-based guy and now my business is better, my relationship is better purely because my brain is better, and yes, I am a raving fan!”
(Mind Mentor™ - Bruce Wilson)

Briony King

“I was a newly separated mum with two kids and I was not thriving when I started QM. This program was simply life-changing for me. Everything about the program was phenomenal. Do not hesitate and jump in with both feet.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Carol Fox)

Matt Monk

“It's a really powerful activation system. You are given the best tools to really dominate your life. I highly recommend it"
(Mind Mentor™ - Leigh Stafford)

Stuart McDonald

"When I started the QM program I was 100% reliant on medication for my anxiety and depression and now because of this journey, I am totally medication-free! I am so much happier, a better father, and am now back in full control of my life. A total life-changing experience. Just do it!
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Ashley Tapp

"This program equipped me with the best tools and strategies... to learn more watch this video and I'll tell you what happened at my wedding. I highly recommend this program, it's fantastic.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Bruce Wilson)

Di DallOglio, Business Owner

“Because of this program, there feels like there are no longer limits to what I can achieve. As a result, I'm now able to think about and take the necessary steps required to grow my business and open more studios without fear or self-doubt or worry."
(Mind Mentor™ - Kirrilee Sunderland)

Trent Dumont, AFL Player

Now that I know I can create the person I want to be, there’s no limit to how far I can go.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Cameron Eustice, Business Leader

“I highly recommend QM for those seeking to realize their full potential as people which will help drive the many hats we wear; be it as parents, business leaders, supporters to our family, friends, and community.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Richard Osborne, ex AFL Player

“Since doing the program I have thrown away my medication and the story I was telling myself. It has completely changed my life. I was that impressed I joined the Mind Mentor team now so I can assist others. It's effective and super-powerful”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Marcus Kroek, Business Owner

“Fantastic! I’ve been involved in this work for over 20 years and I’ve never felt the energy I experienced through Quality Mind.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Harriet Brown - Surf Iron Women Athlete

“I can’t thank Rich and Quality Mind enough. After losing my world title, my confidence took a huge hit, I felt pretty down, and I knew I needed to get my head right. After doing the Quality Mind program, I went into my latest rematch in the best place I’ve ever been and feeling more confident than ever before.”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

Almudena Gil Fernandez

“The QM program completely awakened me to understand my true power. Totally transformational!”
(Mind Mentor™ - Richard Maloney)

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